1) BITUBAG® is the only "SOLVABLE" bitumen plastic bag and is available in 25 and 600 kg on pallet for easy, quick, "clean" and safe shipment, handling, warehousing as well as end-using.

2) BITUPACK® is our melt-able bitumen plastic bag that is available in 600 and 1200 kg on pallet for easy, quick and safe shipment, handling, warehousing as well as end-using. We have not pollybag ( CLICK TO SEE)

3) We also supply bitumen in 185 kg new steel DRUMS with Min. 0.5 mm body thickness.

4) Supplying bitumen in BULK even based on CIF is possible if the buyer can ascertain us about the discharging facilities in port of destination.

5) We can supply different TYPES of BITUMEN in accordance to the ASTM standards only.

6) Although the earliest shipment time that we can accept is always later than what the buyers may receive on the net but we really ship the goods and not just accepting an early delivery and then forcing buyers for time to time amendment or even avoiding shipment.

7) We also supply bitumen and asphalt machineries, equipment, heating and storage tanks, etc

Serious end-buyers and importers or their mandates are welcome sending their inquiries through our INQUIRY FORM. (No broker chains)


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